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Devin (they/them) has been a resident of Lebanon since 2013. A nonfiction book publisher at Steerforth Press, Devin's interests include free expression, arts advocacy, and truthful and informative storytelling. Devin is a strong advocate for housing justice, organized labor, and balancing fiscal responsibility with public needs.

Devin has more than a decade of experience volunteering with political organizations on topics ranging from LGBTQ+ advocacy, intersectional feminism, youth activism, housing justice, electoral involvement, ecological environmentalism, and education access. Devin is an organizer for the NHWP Writers' Night Out and sits on the board for Housing First Upper Valley and Lebanon's Arts and Culture Commission.

Devin looks forward to continuing to serve the community as a member of the Lebanon City Council to ensure all voices are heard, especially those that are historically underrepresented, and that Lebanon remains a welcoming opportunity with a range of opportunities for all while recognizing its potential for growth and improvement.

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